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r/HBO Free Streaming: We tell you how to watch for free (Updated 2022)

The official subreddit for HBO is where you can find full episodes of original movies, series, schedule information, exclusive video content, episode guides, gossip, rumors, and much more. You can rely on the content that is posted here since it's an official community.


Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Friday, 29.September 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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There is lockdown all around the world due to COVID-19. Streaming content has become the world's go-to form of entertainment due to this lockdown. Even if things weren't as they are today, it's highly likely that you would spend a good chunk of your time streaming movies and TV shows across various streaming services. One network that has taken the niche by storm is HBO.
Many people have found success in subscribing to HBO because of its vast array of new, classic, and original shows. It has two premium services: HBO Now and HBO GO. HBO Now is an exclusive on-demand offering that is more expensive than other streaming services, while the regular HBO GO service is at the top of the premium streaming service subscription pyramid. This is mainly because it does not offer HDR (high dynamic range), 4K content, or offline downloads. Nevertheless, many users find that the service is extremely compatible.
Members of r/HBO can watch all the latest HBO shows and movies, as well as discuss them with other fans. The forum is also a great place to find advice on how to watch HBO content, as well as find out about new releases. In addition, users can join discussions on a variety of other topics.

My recent experience on r/HBO

I visited this sub-three days ago and saw a post that I had upvoted among the top upvoted posts this month. User JonesinJames posted that the IMDBs top 100 TVs show finale episode list has been updated and thankfully Game of Thrones is not the worst; it's in 98th place. I really liked this post, and as a result, I discovered a few shows that I want to watch.
Breaking Bad, Chernobyl, The Office, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Person of Interest were the top five shows with the best endings. I couldn't agree more. There were shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and Sons of Anarchy at respectable positions, whereas Two and a Half Men and House of Cards begged the last two places.
This post attracted 99 upvotes until I upvoted it to make it 100. It even racked up over 30 comments, many of which were good to see.

About r/HBO - Community & Members

This subreddit is the official subreddit for HBO. On here, you can find full episodes of original movies, series, schedule information, exclusive video content, episode guides, gossip, rumors, and so much more. The community has 29k members, out of which 70-100 are online at any given time. This subreddit was created on June 29th 2009 and it doesn't seem to be growing at a steady rate. Most of the growth however has occurred in the past couple of years which is definitely motivating for the mods and the community as a whole

How to access r/HBO?

. If you're already a Reddit member, you can simply type "r/HBO" in your search bar and join the subreddit. However, if you're not well-versed with Reddit and are not present on the platform, you'll need to create an account and confirm your email address. Once you do so, you'll be able to follow subreddits, comment on posts, and even post anything on any of the subreddits.

Moderators of r/HBO

I wasn't expecting much from r/HBO because it is a smaller subreddit with only 30,000 subscribers. However, it had three mods - BauerUK, NoblePancake, and Vullein070. I think that's the perfect number of moderators because it allows them to manage everything well.

Why should you follow r/HBO?

I browsed r/HBO for a good thirty minutes before writing this review. After that, I would check the subreddit once a month to see what news is new on it. As far as the content is concerned, you'll find news updates, gossip, stats, and interesting facts being posted by the members of this community. From original movies and series to schedule information and exclusive video content, you'll find everything on this sub. Most of the news that's posted on this sub is sourced by reputable media outlets such as Variety and Hollywood Reporter.

Community Engagement

The subreddit's limited posting frequency makes it difficult for new users to get involved and gives the community a more official feel. Posts that are quality content with minimal spam receive a high number of upvotes, and there are usually about 6-12 comments on each post.

Browsing & Navigation

As I mentioned earlier, the posts on this subreddit are updated only a handful of times each day and only a few hundred members are active at any given time. This means that the browsing experience on this subreddit is often seamless, with no discrepancies appearing at any point during my session. Using the standard Reddit sorting features was cool, and apart from intrusive ads in the sidebar, I didn't find any specific elements that took away from the user experience.

Reddit Gold

I could not find any yellow icons alongside the posts in this subreddit. All of the icons were either gold or blue. Why is that? Because most of these official channels have civilized discussions where people don't try to be humorous. They come for information, they get it, and they leave. Unlike askme, pro revenge, and nosleep, where there are human-interest stories being shared by the OP, this sub has more of a corporate feel to it.

Filter by flair

I was disappointed with one of the features of this subreddit, the "Filter by Flair" option. Based on that, you can see that there is not much scope for discussion on this sub. There is only one flair option - HBO Max, which apparently is the network's third streaming service, which is due to launch on May 27, 2020. I get the buzz, but there is so much potential in this community that hasn't even been tested from a user experience standpoint.

Important rules you must know before joining r/HBO?

After filtering by flair, the second most disappointing aspect of this sub was the rules and regulations segment. There was just one point, "Off-Topic Posts?" - off-topic posts will be removed. I found it overwhelming given that most communities with the same number of followers were doing much more to protect the interest of their members. What's funnier? They aren't even official subreddits.


It is important to give credit where credit is due. I like the simple design - the logo and the gray banner. It resonates with HBO's brand guidelines and thus looks cool. Neither fancy, over the top artwork nor bland Saturn logo suggesting the lack of care for the community and its members. Under the logo and title, you have the "Create Post" section, which is followed by the standard Reddit sorting features ?Hot,? ?New,? ?Top,? and ?Rising.? Towards the right, you have "Community Details," followed by "Filter by Flair," ?r/hborules?, ?Moderators?, and a "responsive banner ad."


Nowadays, I find it hard to discuss anything else on this platform without including posts about Chernobyl. Consequently, any top posts that I see are always related to that particular show.

Most Upvoted Content on this subreddit

shows that everyone agrees! After a long deliberation, 299 votes show that Chernobyl is something truly amazing. Many agree that it is an incredible place to visit.
on Reddit for a topic about an abandoned nuclear plant 2. The Chernobyl 2 Atomic Boogaloo continues to gain popularity on Reddit, as the discussion topic about an abandoned nuclear plant continues to rack up 214 upvotes.
Hey, HBO! Your series '192' deserves a lot of credit.
I watched the show Chernobyl for the first time and it was very different than what I expected.
on Reddit proves that people are motivated by good news. 5. I heard about the heroes of Chernobyl on Reddit and am happy they finally got some worldwide recognition through this show. 169 upvotes on Reddit shows that people are motivated by good news.

Most Upvoted Content 2020

2. With Netflix losing a few key executives, are they starting to lose the battle against streaming services like Amazon and Hulu? 3. Many people believe that the streaming wars have already started, with Amazon and Hulu leading the pack.
HBO is in the process of developing a ?The Last of Us? series from creator Craig Mazin and writer Neil Druckmann. The series will be based on the popular game franchise, Chernobyl.
3 years ago? - 159 votes were cast
Jamie Lannister is the most popular person on the forum. He has 133 upvotes.
, 12 comments Dear Dyatlov explorers, congratulations on your 125 upvotes and 12 comments! Your hard work and dedication to finding the truth has been noted and appreciated. Keep up the good work!


The subreddit for HBO, r/HBO, is an official network subreddit and as such, it's like a mouthpiece. Don't expect crazy content, outburst, and tough love on this sub. It's largely pro-service and so most of the content on the page will be praising the service or the content in one way or another. Nonetheless, if you love HBO's content, you should definitely be a part of this community.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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r/HBO Free Streaming: We tell you how to watch for free (Updated 2022).

The official subreddit for HBO is where you can find full episodes of original movies, series, schedule information, exclusive video content, episode guides, gossip, rumors, and much more. You can rely on the content that is posted here since it's an official community.

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