Silesia Krakow Football Guide
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Silesia + Krakow Football Guide: All you need to know - Tickets, Direction, Weather (2022)

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Silesia Krakow Football Guide

Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Monday, 04.July 2022 — 3min read

Poland's industrial heart, Silesian Metropolis, boasts a lot of football tradition with some of Poland's most successful clubs. Top that with Krakow, a magnificent city east of the metropolis, and you've got a perfect football trip.

Silesia + Krakow Football - in numbers

No. of major clubs in southern Poland: noneThis shows how much smaller the number of clubs in southern Poland is when compared to other parts of the country. The average stadium capacity in the Silesian Metropolis (excluding Stadion Slaski) is 9,109. The largest stadium is Stadion Slaski with a capacity of 54,378 seats, while the smallest stadium is Stadion GKS Szombierki with a capacity of 1,000 seats.

Inhabitants per capita: 114K There are 250,000 people per club in Silesian Metropolis, and 27.4 people per stadium seat excluding Sladion Slaski. This means that the population of Silesian Metropolis is around 114,000 people per capita.

Championships, leagues or clubs that have regularly played in the highest division.

Which stadiums to pick

The Silesian Metropolis was once a football powerhouse in Poland. Gornik Zabrze and Ruch Chorzow were among the most successful Polish clubs, but the last titles of either were won in the 1980s. The same is true for Katowice and the two Bytom clubs, who a few decades ago celebrated multiple successes, but nowadays find themselves down the leagues, which is typical for Polish football. Some of the largest and most successful Polish clubs are located in Gliwice, Podbeskidzie, Wisla Krakow, and Cracovia. Piast Gliwice is on the rise, while Podbeskidzie is somewhat of a bright light, Wisla Krakow has celebrated more recent successes, and the last decade has been kind to Cracovia.

The stadium, Stadion Slaski, is the stand-out stadium in the region, but it usually only hosts football matches when no permanent occupant is available. A number of clubs have rebuilt their stadiums into modern all-seaters in recent years, including both Krakow clubs, Gornik and Piast, Podbeskidzie, and Tychy.

However, there are still a few old-fashioned bowl-shaped grounds left, often with heavily reduced capacity and closed off sections behind the goals, that will appeal to those looking for a throwback to the past.

Silesia + Krakow football - getting around

The city centre is relatively compact and easy to navigate on foot, though there are a few busy intersections. There are plenty of places to eat, drink and shop in the city centre, as well as a variety of cultural events and attractions. Katowice is the largest city in Silesian Metropolis and it is known for its extensive tram network which connects with nearby Chorzow. It also has regional trains that go to other cities in the region including Bytom and Sosnowiec. The city center is relatively small and it can be easily navigated on foot. There are a few busy intersections, but there are plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop in the city center. There are also a variety of cultural events and attractions available. The western part of the metropolis including Gliwice and Zabrze is more isolated and not directly connected by tram. However, it can be easily reached by train. The same is true for the cities a bit further out south, including Tychy, Bielsko-Biela, and Rybnik. Jaworzno and Jastrzebie-Zdroj are somewhat more challenging as without a train station require a bus journey.

The stadium is usually at its maximum capacity of 30 minutes from the nearest train station, but there are local buses if you'd rather not walk.

Krakow has two stadiums that are walking distance from the historic center and Garbania's ground is easy to reach by tram. Hutnik's Suche Stawy is also reachable by tram, but the journey to Niepolomice, east of Krakow, is a real trek and requires a bus ride.

Be mindful that while Krakow lies less than 100 kilometers from the Silesian Metropolis, it is a slow train journey with the quickest connection still taking more than 1.5 hours to get to Katowice.

Silesia + Krakow football - eat, drink & sleep

The Silesian Metropolis is not known for its picturesque historic city centres, which are very common in other parts of Poland. That said, the (small) city centres of Gliwice, Rybnik, and Bielsko Biala all have their own charm and are worth a stroll through or a quick drink on the way to the match. Katowice is the largest city in the region and has a lot of big city features, including a great selection of bars and restaurants. It also has good transport connections to the rest of the region and Poland, making it a convenient base for most people.

. None of the stadiums sits in a particularly interesting area, though many are just a quick walk away from a city center. That said, Park Slaski next to Stadion Slaski is worth a stroll if you happen to be there on a sunny day.

However, Cieszyn is a great place to visit as well, and has many attractions that are not found in Krakow. For those who plan to stay in Krakow for an extended period of time, it is clear that it is the best city in which to reside. However, Cieszyn should not be discounted – although it may not have as many high-profile tourist attractions as Krakow, its historical sites and neighbourhoods are worth exploring.

Stadion Suche Stawy

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Silesia Krakow Football Guide

Silesia + Krakow Football Guide: All you need to know - Tickets, Direction, Weather (2022).

The attorney representing the defendant in a criminal trial said that their client is innocent. The attorney representing the defendant in a criminal trial stated that their client is innocent.

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