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World Cup Ball 2022 - All information about the official match ball Al-Rihla

The official match ball of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is called Al-Rihla. Manufacturer: Adidas All information about the World Cup Ball 2022 ?

Official Ball

Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Wednesday, 30.November 2022 — 11 minutes read
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Official World Cup Ball 2022

Without them, no game is possible. They are an occasion for love and hate at the same time. Of course, we are talking about the World Cup balls, which often have to eke out an existence as heroes who are far too rarely sung about.

We want to change this and therefore present the World Cup balls of the last six World Cups as well as the official game equipment for the finals in Qatar. All World Cup balls have been manufactured by the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas since 1970.

Official World Cup 2022 Ball: Al-Rihla

The official match ball of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is called Al-Rihla and will again be manufactured by Adidas. Of course, there were already numerous leaks from the official 2022 World Cup ball in the run-up to the World Cup, but in the end it was presented shortly before the 2022 World Cup draw on 30 March 2022.

The ball is mainly white and divided into several triangular-like shapes. The tips of these triangles are colored blue, while orange-red color can be found on the two long sides. Of course, the logo of the World Cup in Qatar and also that of the manufacturer Adidas on the World Cup ball Al-Rihla should not be missing. Since the final round takes place in winter, there is also a matching "winter ball" in orange to buy.

By the way, Al-Rihla means "journey" in German and is thus reminiscent of the journey around the world that one experiences at a World Cup with the most diverse nations. According to the manufacturer Adidas, "Al-Rihla" is the fastest ball in World Cup history. Incidentally, 1% of net sales go to Common Goal, an initiative that supports football-related social projects worldwide.

32 teams. 1 ball to make their dreams a reality ? Introducing Al Rihla, the #OfficialMatchBall of the 2022 #WorldCupThe countdown to Qatar starts now#Qatar2022 | @adidasfootball

World Cup Ball 2018: Adidas Telstar 18 + Telstar Mechta

The World Cup ball from Adidas for the 2018 World Cup was called "Telstar 18" and was kept in a simple and classic design with golden lettering. The official match ball contained an integrated NFC chip that allowed fans to retrieve personalized data via smartphone and interact with the ball.

The look and name of the new match ball was reminiscent of the original Telstar balls used at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico and at the 1974 World Cup in Germany. However, the new Telstar was of course much more modern and has a partly futuristic design.

On 26 October 2017, the leaking website "" published the first pictures of the match ball for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and on 9 November it was finally officially presented by FIFA.

After manufacturer Adidas had relied on bright colors at the 2010 World Cup with the Jabulani and at the 2014 World Cup with the Brazuca (more on this below), the Telstar 2018 was at least partly a return to the football tradition.

By the way, from the World Cup round of sixteen onwards, a new ball was played. This was called "Telstar Mechta" and visually resembled the Telstar 18 ball used in the group stage, but had red instead of black splashes of color.

2018 World Cup Qualifiers: European Qualifiers

The 2018 World Cup qualifying ball for Europe relied on the same panel shape as the official 2016 European Championship ball. Technically, Adidas didn't seem to have changed anything either.

Visually, however, there were major innovations: The ball with which the European teams try to reach the final round of the World Cup in Russia relied on a red-white-gray graphic print. He showed the view you have as a stadium visitor. In this way, fan culture and what happens on the pitch should be cleverly brought into the center of attention.

In addition, the official tournament logo could also be seen in black, which also contained the lettering "European Qualifiers". For the games in winter, the background of the ball was not white, but orange. The stadium scene was blue and black.

2014 in Brazil: Brazuca

Every German football fan likes to think back to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, after all, the tournament ended with the title win. Manufacturer Adidas brought the Brazuca to the tournament in South America as an official World Cup ball.

The sphere shows the Brazilian national colors as well as red, blue and black, which are arranged in a wild pattern on a white background. This should stand for joie de vivre and diversity.

The #WorldCup was pretty good, right? Here are some of my favourite bits. Thanks for all the love. #ballin

The Brazuca relied on a design that metaphorically represented what the World Cup in Brazil as a whole wanted to be. A colourful party.

Technically, Adidas manufactured the ball from a special temperature-regulating material. In this way, the World Cup ball should be able to handle the often very high temperatures in Brazil without any problems.

2010 in South Africa: Jabulani

For the 2010 World Cup there was a real premiere. For the first time, an African country was allowed to host a World Cup. And despite all the scepticism in the run-up, South Africa did an excellent job and organised a great tournament.

The official World Cup ball was the Adidas Jabulani. The national colours of South Africa can be seen as graphics on the play equipment: red and yellow are dominant. Black appears as a skilful counterpoint.

But even more important than the national colours is what is hidden under the Jabulani: The 2010 World Cup ball consists of eight three-dimensionally shaped panels. They made the ball even rounder and enabled clean technique even at high speed.

The Spanish short passing game, which experienced its perfection at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, is an impressive testimony to this.

Adidas also incorporated grooves into the ball, which optimized the aerodynamics of the ball. The flight characteristics of the Jabulani were second to none.

2006 in Germany: Team spirit

In 2006 the time had finally come. It came to the event that all German football fans had been looking forward to since the tournament was awarded in 2000: The World Cup took place in Germany - the now legendary summer fairy tale came true.

On the bench of the German national team, at that time of course still as assistant coach of Jürgen Klinsmann, sat a certain Jogi Löw. Adidas knew that they had to present a very special ball for the home tournament. The result was the team spirit.

The manufacturer played elegantly with the German national colors black-red-gold as well as the German team colors black and white. Especially black and gold were used as dominant shades on a white background.

The ball consists of 14 panels, which provide an extremely round structure. In addition, the ball has been designed to be water-repellent. In this respect, the 2006 World Cup ball set new standards.

Never before had a ball retained its properties so well even on rainy days.

2002 in Japan and South Korea: Fevernova

In 2002, the World Cup took place simultaneously in Japan and South Korea. The German manufacturer brought the Fever Nova - "new fever" - to the places of the World Cup venues and in the shops for the fans.

The ball is adorned with a colourful design that relies on the colours gold, grey and red.

It has a special shape that is reminiscent of Asian culture and at the same time gives an impression of dynamism. As in 1998, the 2002 World Cup ball was filled with foam.

For the outer skin, however, Adidas had a new idea. A three-layer polymer fabric was produced. This ensured a much more precise trajectory and, because the ball was rounder than any football before, increased a significantly higher pace of play.

1998 in France: Adidas Tricolore

In the spirit of host France, the 1998 World Cup ball bore the name Adidas Tricolore. However, the three colors on the sphere were only recognizable if you looked very closely. Blue dominated strongly.

The other French national color red was very discreetly incorporated into the surrounding blue graphics. White, to complete the national flag of the French, was the background of the sphere.

In its time, the Adidas Tricolore was the most modern football of all time, as it consistently relied on a foam filling and a dermis.

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Official Ball

World Cup Ball 2022 - All information about the official match ball Al-Rihla.

The official match ball of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is called Al-Rihla. Manufacturer: Adidas All information about the World Cup Ball 2022 ?

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