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Buy World Cup Tickets 2022 - Prices & Info of the World Cup 2022 Tickets

All ticket information for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar (20.11.-18.12.) Sales phases + prices Ticket allocation details Buy World Cup tickets here!


Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Wednesday, 30.November 2022 — 8 minutes read
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Buy World Cup 2022 tickets - All info for Qatar

In 2022, the final round of the World Cup will take place in Qatar. It is in many ways a tournament that has secured its place in the history books. For example, for the first time it will be played on the Arabian Peninsula. The 2022 World Cup is also the first Winter World Cup. The games will be played from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

The 22nd World Championship is the shortest since the finals in 1978. As already mentioned, the tournament will be held on the Arabian Peninsula for the first time. Millions of fans around the globe are already looking forward to this special tournament and want to experience this historic final round in the stadium. World Cup tickets are required for this. We'll show you how and when to get your tickets.

Get tickets for the 2022 World Cup now

There are three ways to secure tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The first option is the official website or app of the world football association FIFA. Here you need to register and apply for cards in the FIFA app. If you win a ticket, you will receive a notification and the cards will appear in your online account. A paper version no longer exists.

The second way is through the national associations. Each association that is represented with a World Cup team at the final round is awarded a certain contingent for its fans. However, the World Cup tickets will not be given to interested parties from other countries. For example, if you live in Austria and want to have a ticket for a game of the German national team, you will not be successful at the DFB.

If you have not been successful through FIFA or the national association, or if you are interested in a match outside your national association, there is a third alternative: buying through third-party providers. Buying World Cup tickets via ticket portals is of course a bit more expensive than the "official" way, but there is the advantage of being able to buy tickets at relatively short notice as well as tickets for very popular games. Of course, you should make sure that you only buy tickets on reputable ticket portals, such as our partner site By the way, if you are also looking for Nations League 2022/23 tickets, you can also look around there.

As with the 2018 World Cup, tickets for the 2022 finals will be awarded in four categories. Category 1 is the best. Category 4 is not interesting for this text, as there are about 350,000 cards reserved specifically for the population of Qatar. So the cheapest category in which Europeans can buy tickets is number 3. All cards are sold in Qatari Riyal (QAR), the prices in the table below are approximate conversion prices.

The tickets can be purchased as individual tickets or as a ticket series for a team (i.e. for all games of a team). The team series is theoretically valid until the final. A maximum of ten tickets may be ordered per game. A household may order a maximum of 150 cards in total. It is also possible to purchase ticket series for 4 matches on 4 consecutive days in different stadiums.

In Russia, prices in the group matches averaged 88 euros for a single ticket. In the knockout round, they climbed with each round - the semi-finals cost 240 euros. For the final, 383 euros were due. Tickets in the second category were always around 60 percent more expensive. Category 1 tickets cost almost three times.

For the World Cup in Qatar, it turns out that the ticket prices are significantly lower than those of Russia. The cheapest card costs the equivalent of about 60 euros and is thus a third cheaper than in 2018. Locals can even buy tickets for just under 10 euros.

There are three sales phases, all of which are in the year of the World Cup. The first phase will start on January 19, 2022, almost exactly 10 months before the start of the tournament. Here tickets for certain games (without knowing the pairing) can be ordered. Since there will be more applicants than tickets, the lottery will be used. Ticket series for teams and for four games in four days can also be purchased. Whether you have actually purchased the tickets is decided by the draw. Applicants will be notified after 29 March 2022.

After the draw of the World Cup 2022 groups, the second phase will start on 05 April 2022. Here, too, a random draw is used. This phase ends on 28 April.

This is followed by sales phase 3. Tickets can be obtained while stocks last. The whole thing runs on the principle of "first come, first serve" or "first come, first served". During this phase, tickets for more than one match per day can also be purchased. However, games that follow one another are exempt from this. In addition, there are also conditional fan tickets, with which you can follow a team throughout the tournament, i.e. until a possible World Cup final on 18 December 2022. Applicants will not be notified of the allocation of tickets until 31 May at the earliest.

The national associations also receive very small contingents for their own games. But they all actually have special sales regulations for them. For Germany, for example, the members of the official fan club of the national team have a right of first access.

As usual, the 2022 World Cup opening match will not take place in the final stadium. This can be seen on November 20, 2022 at 17:00 German time in the al-Bayt Stadium. If you receive tickets, you can of course watch the spectacle live on site. Each of the eight stadiums was awarded the contract for one of the knockout rounds of the 2022 World Cup. After that, five more stadiums will be used, with the Khalifa International Stadium then only the match for 3rd place to see and the other four stadiums will host quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Yes, in order to enter Qatar and enter the stadium, Qatari authorities require a so-called "Hayya Card", a kind of fan ID. In order to obtain this, it is necessary to provide your ticket number and accommodation. Fans can find out more about the Hayya Card and accommodation options on

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Buy World Cup Tickets 2022 - Prices & Info of the World Cup 2022 Tickets.

All ticket information for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar (20.11.-18.12.) Sales phases + prices Ticket allocation details Buy World Cup tickets here!

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